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The EnviroPro soil moisture probe is the market leader in soil probes, measuring soil moisture, temperature and salinity.
The fact that it comes with a 5-year warranty to back up the great hardware design makes the EnviroPro the first choice for Integrated Irrigation.
Although we utilise the products of many manufacturers and suppliers to deliver our products and services, Integrated Irrigation is a dealer or distributor of products from the following suppliers

Providing the farming community with smart monitoring solutions

Soil moisture monitoring solutions.
MEA's range of soil moisture products include the Gdot, Gbug and the new and exciting Plexus system.

Weather stations.
A full range of weather station sensors are available to suit the simplest to most complex of weather monitoring needs.

Next G & UHF telemetry, weather, water level, flow, water quality & soil moisture sensors and software.
Aqualab Scientific is a leading importer of environmental monitoring instruments. Offering quality products such as ADCON, OTT,
Hydrolab, Diver and Turner Designs.
ADCON have 20 years experience in providing the full range of monitoring equipment
including state of the art telemetry, sensors and the well regarded web based Pro6 software platform.

Mace is a company specialising in water metering and monitoring solutions. Their range of water meters and logging equipment including telemetry systems provide solutions for a wide range of measurement applications for clean and waste water. Even ultrasonic meters with no moving parts are part of the offering.

Ranch systems are manufacturers and distributors of a very powerful range of remote monitoring and control products.
Integrated Irrigation is the Australian master distributor for their product range.
A powerful field logger and versatile software makes the equipment and software a great choice for whole-farm monitoring and control systems.