Water level and pressure sensors are commonly used for:

> Groundwater water levels
> Tank levels
> Water pipe pressures
> Irrigation channel height (water level)
> Pump suction

The GLS Water level and pressure sensor range of sensors

This sensor range is a cost effective, stable and robust sensor option that suits any purpose you can think of for a level or pressure sensor.

The sensor range features an absolute pressure measurement, compensating for atmospheric pressure to get true water level readings every time.
They are supplied as standard with a vented cable and vented wiring box ensuring that no moisture gets into the sensor ensuring longevity.

Common jobs this sensor range is used for:
          > Groundwater level monitoring
          > Tank Level
          > Irrigation channel height
          > Pump suction

When plugged into a remote monitoring system these sensors can be used to show water level and any calculation can be done to show a water volume. The image to the left shows water volume remaining in a water tank. Water volume in an irrigation channel can just as easily be done for any channel.

An alert can be turned on to alert you to when a certain water level or water volume has been reached as well as provide live data on what the levels are doing.
There are many different level and pressure sensors available for any application.

Talk to us about the right one for your application.
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GLS level sensors
Adcon LEV1 & 2

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