Aug 2015 Launching DMU! New soil moisture unit for dairies and water sensitive crops.....

We are launching the new DMU (Dairy Monitoring Unit) in late August 2015, specifically designed for Dairy pastures and water sensitive crops such as clover, maize and vegetables.
The DMU has provision for 3 soil tension sensors, allowing you to measure the upper, middle and lower root zone of your irrigated crops. The new compact design and lightning simple data interface makes it a snap to get your soil moisture data to inform your management decisions.
As soon as the DMU is available for sale it will be added to the product list under "Soil Moisture" on our website. In the mean time, please make any enquiry you like with us. You will find our contact details here.

Download our flier for this brand new unit here

July 2015 A new range of low cost level/pressure sensors.....

We have launched a new range of water level and pressure sensors with a revolutionary design allowing them to be suitable for a large number of applications. Their design also makes them suitable to be used with a large number of different types of remote logging equipment.
As if this wasn't enough, we thought while we were at it we'd make them cheaper than the competition as well, just for an added bonus to our customers!
You can find more information about this new range of water level and pressure sensors on our website here

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